A COVID Wedding

Imagine | 29.09.20

Lidia & Dean were due to wed on the 14th of June of this year. Like so many other couples, they were faced with the dilemma of deciding whether to postpone their wedding or persevere due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Making this decision is not easy…. It means leaving behind the original dream that you had for your wedding day and falling in love with a new dream, an intimate wedding for two.

After a few conversations, back and forth with the team at Metropolis Events, Lidia and Dean opted for the “Wedstival” wedding package where they would celebrate a small wedding with 15 guests and host a larger celebration when they were able to. They hosted a small ceremony at Alter Electric and celebrated with a mini-reception of 15 of their closest friends and family at Metropolis Events, over an intimate sit-down dinner.

We spoke to them about their special day and asked them to take us through their journey, that lead them to make this decision together. 

This is their story….  

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How and when did you first meet?

We worked together briefly at a part time job in 2007. We then met again in 2009 at a party for one co-worker’s birthday’s and Dean charmingly (and drunkenly) started a conversation by saying “Do you remember me?”. Lidia offered to give him a lift home but he kept replying with “It’s okay, I live 2 blocks away. I’ll just walk.”. Waking up and realising what he’d done, Dean added Lidia on Facebook and messaged her.

What made you decide to elope then host your large celebration a year later?

Some of our close family are unwell and we wanted to be sure that they could be there for our special day.

Are you happy with the decision that you made?

Very. It was a great day followed by a very memorable and intimate dinner.

What important details did you want as a part of your elopement?

We wanted it to be fun. We decided to go with an 80’s theme for the ceremony/elopement and then keep the more formal sit-down for dinner. Really showing off the two sides to us. The more modern and mature décor we went with at Metropolis and the fun quirky décor of The Altar Electric. As a bonus, we were able to stream the ceremony for our close friends and family to still be part of the day. (Dean’s groomsmen actually wore suits and got together to watch it)

What was it like planning a wedding during COVID?

It was less stressful than the original planning process. We didn’t have time to worry about what people would think, who would be offended if they didn’t get invited, and trying to keep everyone happy on the day. We got to focus on ourselves and our families instead.

Tell us a bit about the special day, was it everything you had dreamt of?

To be honest, it was nothing like we dreamt of or expected, but that’s what made it great. We spent the year preceding COVID planning our event and almost overnight all of that went out the window and had to be cancelled and adjusted. All that aside though, it was still very “us” and having just family there made it a lot more relaxing than it probably would have been with the 120 guests we originally had planned. 

For Lidia, she really wanted to have something 80’s themed for the ceremony. Our original numbers made that hard with most spaces being better suited for smaller groups. So, in a way the restrictions on numbers let Lidia have something she would otherwise have missed out on.

Why did you choose Metropolis as a wedding venue?

Lidia saw photos of Metropolis on Instagram and completely fell in love with the loft style windows. It’s exactly what she had in mind but was struggling to find. We’re proud Melbournians who wanted to showcase our city to our family and friends both here and overseas. 

It’s not like any wedding venue we’ve been to before with its elegance, from the bar to the centrepieces, to the cool lounge setting. It’s not over the top and the heroes are the windows and view. 

Any advice that you can give to other couples who might also be thinking about eloping or trying to manage the stress of planning a wedding throughout the pandemic?

Cut back on a lot of the “wants” and start with the “needs”. Once you work out exactly how many people you absolutely need there it makes it so much simpler. Speak to the vendors you have about the situation and work with them to tailor something for you. They’re also going through lockdown and COVID, being flexible and accommodating is something they’re all doing really well.

We loved hosting Lidia and Dean’s intimate celebration and can’t wait for part two of their Wedsitval to bring their original wedding dreams to life!

If you would like to know more about our “Re-Imagine Packages”, please fill out the enquiry below.

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