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Imagine Inspire | 13.08.20

Let’s be honest, there is nothing better than kicking back in front of the TV with a good rom com and a glass of Pinot Noir in hand… They are just feel good stories. One of the advantages of working in the weddings and events industry, is that we actually get to see these real-life love stories happen.

At the moment, it’s hard to escape the devastating events taking place around the world, so we thought that you could use a “feel good story”. We asked our friends at Lovers Narrative to help us capture the moment.

The proposal sets the stage for the incredible journey towards becoming husband and wife. They are an intimate and personal affair and unique to every couple. Josh and Monique’s story certainly gave us all the feelings… They had been together for eight years when Josh decided to pop the question. He had carefully planned to surprise Monique by proposing on the rooftop terrace at Metropolis Events at dusk. We spoke to him about what he was thinking and feeling. This how it went down…

WARNING: you may need a box of tissues after reading this!

How did you meet?

We met at a mutual friend’s birthday party in 2012 which lead to a facebook add (by Josh of course).

How do you know she was the one?

During the time Mon and I shared together, we were always laughing and complemented each other perfectly. There was never a dull moment and when you get to the point of a relationship when you can’t see your life without that person then you know they are the one and Mon was that for me.

Why did you choose Metropolis as your proposal location?

For me, Metropolis was an easy choice for the proposal location as it is a venue that Monique has had her heart set on for a while now. To be able to give her that special moment in her dream venue was something I couldn’t look past.

Who chose the ring?

Monique floated the design she desired – as every girl does – but I took it upon myself to add the final touches. The ring was from Saphira diamonds and they did an incredible job making the perfect ring.

Did you have to ask Monique’s family for permission?

I didn’t have to but I wanted to as a sign of respect to her family

Do you have any advice for grooms about to propose?

My advice when it comes to proposing is to make sure that your future fiance feels special. The moment is all about her and giving her something to remember for a life time. It’s not about the money or going over the top, it’s all about enjoying the moment and creating that memory that will last for a lifetime.

Tell us about the day leading up to the proposal moment? What plans did you put in place and how long have you been planning this?

I have been planning the proposal since April but didn’t expect it to happen so soon. Once I had picked up the ring I couldn’t contain my excitement and couldn’t wait any longer. I met with the team at Metropolis where I suggested the idea of potentially proposing at the venue and explained the significance of why it meant so much to do it here. The team were extremely accommodating and helpful into putting my idea into action. From there we organised the proposal to take place the following week. This was the first outing in a while (due to COVID 19) so Monique has arranged to get her hair and nails done – this made my job easy as I didn’t have to worry about dropping any hints.

Were you nervous? How were you feeling? What thoughts were running through your mind?

Leading up to the day I was surprisingly extremely calm because I know the team at metropolis had everything under control. When we arrived at the venue, I did start to feel the nerves take over but I made sure to enjoy the moment and not let the nerves take over. The thoughts were “I hope she likes the ring” and the obvious one “I hope she says YES!”

Did you practice what you would say and how you would do it, or did you wing it and speak from the heart, in the moment?

I completely winged it because I wanted the moment to be as natural as possible. I didn’t want to worry myself about remembering what to say.

Any personal touches in the proposal, something uniquely Josh?

My personal touch I added was having both of our families present once the proposal had been done. Family is a big thing to us and I knew that this would mean the world to Mon.

The dinner that followed at Metropolis Events, what was your favourite dish of the evening?

If we HAD to pick only 1, we fell in love with the entree which was ricotta and basil tortellini with tomato emulsion, prosciutto crips, black olive crumb and shaved parmesan.

3 words to describe the evening?

Unforgettable, Perfect and Special

What was it like working with the Metropolis team?

The team at metropolis made the whole process easy and put my mind at ease. The service was outstanding and every staff member that was present had a smile on their face and was genuinely excited for our moment. We really appreciate the effort the staff put in to ensure we had the perfect night and we will be forever grateful for that.

What does marriage to you mean to you?

Spending the rest of your life with the one person who completes you. You get to celebrate the highs and conquer the lows in life knowing you have that partner right by your side.

It was pleasure it was to be a part of such a special occasion. We cannot wait to start planning your wedding Josh and Monique!

We love hearing about the magic behind proposals. If you have a story you’d like to share the team would love to read it.  If you’re planning on  proposing and would like to discuss doing so at Metropolis, please get in touch!


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