Daniel & Michael’s Wedding

Inspire | 10.01.20

Every once in a while we host a wedding so fabulous it would be unthinkable to not share it with the world. Last year we were lucky enough to be part of Daniel & Michael’s big day.

We caught up with the happy couple to ask them a few questions about how they met, what made their day special and who designed such spectacular dinner jackets. Scroll down for the details with images taken by Corey Wright

So, how did you guys meet?

[Daniel] We met in August 2011. Michael had recently moved to Melbourne from Canberra, and I had just returned from a holiday in Europe. By chance, a mutual friend introduced us while out one night.

The funny thing was that Michael was incredibly shy, he hardly spoke, yet would mysteriously appear every weekend at the same places as me. We weren’t exactly looking for relationships at the time, but the friendship grew very quickly into love and the rest is history!

Tell us about the proposal?

[Michael] I proposed to Daniel in 2013, on the day of his 30th birthday.

It was April 2013 and we were flying out to Bali the day after Daniel’s 30th birthday. I had initially planned to propose in Bali as a few of his closest friends were joining us however things went pear shaped as I got a feeling that Daniel had caught wind of this. I freaked out and had to quickly change my plan!

On the day of Daniel’s 30th birthday, we had to go to the airport early to pick up some interstate friends arriving for the birthday celebrations that evening. We were running very late and I had realised I was totally under-prepared and had no time left for the proposal as I didn’t want to overshadow his birthday celebrations that evening.

It was 6am, and Daniel sitting on the end of the bed putting his shoes on. In clearly the most romantic circumstance, I dropped to one knee and asked Daniel to marry me. As soon as Daniel said ‘yes’, I was quick to remind Daniel we were late for the airport and had to leave– romance at its best!

Why did you choose Metropolis as your venue?

There are many things that make Metropolis stand out from other venues. We had looked at a lot of different venues however we knew straight away we had found the one. The location was perfect, and the fact that we could have the ceremony and reception in the same venue made things easy as we had many interstate visitors.

However, it was the sheer ‘wow’ factor that was most exciting. We wanted to create an experience for our guests that felt uniquely ‘Daniel and Michael’ and when we first visited Metropolis, our jaws dropped. The venue was uber glamorous with its dome ceiling, fantastic bar and floor to roof windows offering incredible views of the river and city. Adding to that, the food is exceptional, and the venue is a dream for anyone wanting to add some drama to their occasion! The options we had for sound, lighting and special effects were endless and enabled us to bring the experience we wanted to life – waterfall fireworks, confetti, dramatic lighting and incredible sound.

What was the most memorable part of the day?

Apart from the incredible ceremony, there was one moment that really stood out.

Following the ceremony, the wedding party joined us in the green room for some drinks as we waited for our reception entry. At that moment, with those closest to us, it hit us – we were married! Our Metropolis host, Precious, joined us in the room and had such an incredible energy about her that we were all buzzing with excitement and anticipation for the reception.

Soon enough, it was time for the reception. The entrance into the reception was magical, and it all came together perfectly – the incredible lighting, the music and seeing everyone’s faces beaming with excitement and love. The energy in the room was electric!

Who designed those fabulous glittery suit jackets?

Who doesn’t love a costume change! We had been searching for months for the right reception jacket and by chance happened to stumble across a bespoke tailor on Sydney Rd in Coburg- Zac Mens Tailors. They were the only place that had this unique fabric we wanted, and Maureen did an incredible job designing and making the jackets. With the incredible lighting set-up in the venue, they sparkled and made us feel incredible.

Do you have any advice for other couples?

The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return. Remember why you are getting married and stay anchored to this. This is your day and it is what you make of it – a celebration and reflection of love.

Plan your day (pre and post the ceremony) to ensure you create space for you to gather your thoughts and be present in every moment.

Remove yourself from the action for at least 10 minutes during the reception to just watch and observe your most favourite people having the time of their life based on the experience you have created. It makes the hard work and stress all worth it!

Something special for loved ones passed

We wanted to ensure our grandparents who passed would be remembered and celebrated on our special day. We had beautiful remembrance candles created that we lit in memoriam during the ceremony – a very special moment for us both, and for our families.

Finally, we asked Daniel & Michael if they had any other comments?

We want to make a special mention to the Metropolis team. The attention to detail, level of care, and the organising was impressive and truly made our wedding planning experience an enjoyable one. Thank you for helping us design, create and deliver the absolute best day of our lives. A moment we’ll never forget.

Metropolis Events proudly supports same sex marriages and endeavours to provide the utmost support and guidance during what is such a special time for all couples.

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