Introducing Balance By Metropolis Events

Inspire | 30.08.19

At Metropolis Events, we believe that balance is the key to a happy focussed work life.

Evidence shows that being more mindful has a direct correlation to lowering stress, assisting with interpersonal communication and improving focus and concentration. 

As we spend about 30% of our lives at work or at work related events, practicing and promoting healthier habits is more important than ever to ensure a more productive and balanced work life.

We recognised that in today’s busy world, event organisers and employers are more aware of the health and wellbeing of their team members and delegates.   So we went in search of the perfect partnership to bring something more to conferencing – something to keep your audience focussed and engaged. 

We are excited to partner with Happy Melon Studios to bring you Balance by Metropolis Events – the healthier, more focussed way to conference.

Panorama Room at Metropolis Events

Together with Happy Melon Studios, we’ve designed a new day delegate package aimed at giving you a more mindful and focussed conferencing experience.

Our expansive and versatile venue not only provides the perfect meeting space, but also lets you create your own urban sanctuary high above the south bank of the Yarra. Abundant daylight streaming through our nine metre floor to ceiling windows helps your delegates stay focussed, while our healthier menus keep their mind and body nourished.

Balance by Metropolis Events features our conference package with some great additions… house-made juice or smoothie bar for arrival, delicious health focussed conference menus and a tailored mindfulness session guided by a Happy Melon Studios expert – all designed to keep your delegates engaged, alert and feeling great.

Guided group meditation classes, flow or yin yoga, pilates and customised workshops can be added to your package to allow your delegates to stretch and reenergize.

“We truly believe that the powerful combination of mindfulness and movement is the key to a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life. At the heart of the studio and the tool we use to develop our mindfulness is meditation, being able to check in and take a pause, a breath. We’re incredibly excited to be taking our offering and our passion outside the walls of our Armadale Studio and especially to connect with the broader Corporate Community. Life is busy, there’s no escaping the busyness of life and the fact of the matter is, that this is not going to change in the face of technology and our ability or expectation to multi-task. Quite simply, “Busy” is a reality. What we’ve also been able to realise is that being able to take a pause and check in with the present moment is a necessity. When we’re able to take ‘a pause’, little by little, we allow ourselves to calm the mind and bring some peace and ease to the present moment.

We’re proud to be partnering with Metropolis Events to launch ‘Balance by Metropolis Events’ and look forward to sharing our passion and our amazing team of facilitators to make your next event one that leaves everyone feeling just a little more balanced.” 

Simon Davey, Co-Owner of Happy Melon Studios




Please contact one of our dedicated event specialists on +613 8537 7300 or [email protected] for further information or to schedule a venue visit.

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