How to plan the perfect menu for your wedding day

COCKTAILS | 16.10.18

There’s a definite move towards serving cocktails at modern weddings. We recommend containing this to certain periods across the night rather than all through the event.

You might start with an Aperol Spritz, an Americano or a classic Hendricks gin and tonic with lime on arrival. Then after dinner is served and guests are up and dancing you might serve a Caprioska to refresh the palate or a Sgroppino perhaps (lemon sorbet and vodka topped with Prosecco). And nothing beats trays of late night Espresso Martinis to really get the party started!

We usually advise against starting the night with super strong cocktails like Classic Martinis, shots or straight spirits as weddings usually run for about 5-6 hours and you want your guests to last the distance.

A lot of our current weddings are also serving whiskey carts with a selection of high end whiskeys, chiselled ice cubes and bespoke bartenders who can talk guests through the different varieties on offer.